Saturday, 2 April 2016

Skegness Log: 2016-04-02 (MW)

1340 0359 CUB Radio Ciudad del Mar, Palmira (cf) OM and YL. ID. National Anthem. As
              1340 Good  7438 km **

1350 0359 CUB Radio Ciudad del Mar, Aguada de Pasajeros (cf) OM and YL. ID. National
              Anthem. As 1340 Fair  7456 km **

1540 0400 USA KXEL Waterloo IA. ID - Newstalk 15-40 KXEL Waterloo Cedar Falls Weak  6547 km
1560 0400 USA KGOW Bellaire TX. Equal WFME. ID ... sports radio 15-60 KGOW Bellaire
              Houston, a Gow Media ... (Could only hear this in LSB) Fair  7808 km

1120 0404 USA KMOX Saint Louis MO. KMOX Newstime 1104, 46 degrees Fair  6690 km
1270 0445 USA WRLZ Eatonville FL. ID - Doce setenta AM La Estacion Del Pueblo
              Weak  6975 km

1320 0446 USA WLQY Hollywood FL. Presumed with accented English, French and UNID
              language (Creole?) programming and references to liking us on Facebook,
              etc. Fair  7111 km **

1250 0447 CAN CJYE Oakville ON. CJYE IDs Fair  5703 km
1310 0455 CAN CIWW Ottawa ON. Join the conversation ... this is 13-10 News .....
              where Ottawa comes to talk Fair  5332 km

1380 0456 CAN CKPC Brantford ON. 13-80 CKPC ID heard. Thanks Torolf Johnson for
              help. V weak  5767 km

1550 0457 CUB Radio Rebelde, Multi-tx YL talk, as 1180 Good
1610 0458 CAN CHHA Toronto ON. Radio Voces Latina ID Weak  5664 km **
1600 0459 USA WAAM Ann Arbor MI. WAAM ID heard under WUNR, ten seconds before the
              hour Fair  6036 km

 830 0500 USA WCRN Worcester MA. WCRN ID heard in splatter. CBS News jingle Weak  5302 km
 930 0500 CUB Radio Reloj, Three sites listed. Clock ticking, RR morse, etc. Weak
1020 0500 CUB Radio Trinchera Antimperialista, Baracoa (gu) Sombre music, as 1070
              but faded for the ID a minute later. Weak  7208 km **

1100 0500 USA WTAM Cleveland OH. WTAM call heard Weak  5979 km
1670 0500 USA WPLA Dry Branch GA. ID - Fox Sports WPLA in Dry Branch Fair  6768 km
1070 0501 CUB Radio Trinchera Antimperialista, Guantánamo/CTOM1 (gu) ID Desde
              Guantanamo... (OM) followed by YL ...Radio Trinchera
              Antimperialista.... Thanks to Fredrik Dourén and Alessandro Groppazzi for
              help. V weak  7276 km **

1360 0501 USA WMOB Mobile AL. 13-60 and Mobile heard in 1359 splatter. Good signal.
              Must be on day power. Good  7222 km

1020 0502 CUB Radio Reloj, Victoria de las Tunas/CTOM2 (lt) Beep on the minute, followed
              by RR in morse code, just getting through the pile-up. Weak  7319 km **

1590 0505 USA WAUB Auburn NY. WAUB ID heard weak under WARV mentioning Finger
              Lakes Weak  5548 km **

Personal 'First'

Good DX!

John Faulkner, Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) 1m ASL
YouTube Channel:
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Receiver: Perseus SDR Receiver
Antenna:  Movable 10ft x 25ft flag

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