Friday, 1 April 2016

Skegness Log: 2016-04-01 (MW)

1540 0100 USA WDCD Albany NY. Fifteen Forty AM WDCD Albany ID Fair  5389 km
 730 0300 CAN CKAC Montréal QC. Good signal! CKAC Radio Circulation ID Good  5203 km
 760 0300 USA WJR Detroit MI. WJR ID heard. Decent carrier but v weak audio Fair  6009 km
1140 0300 USA WQBA Miami FL. OM WQBA Miami heard in noise - v weak Vweak  7147 km
1320 0300 CAN CJMR Oakville ON. Presumed with Indian music over the hour. Fair  5703 km
1180 0302 USA WHAM Rochester NY. Presumed with .... and weather ... i-heart Radio Fair
              5605 km

 740 0400 CAN CHCM Marystown NL. 5-90 VOCM ID Fair  3915 km
 830 0400 USA WCRN Worcester MA. WCRN ID and mention of Boston, difficult in splatter
              Weak  5302 km

1430 0400 CAN CHKT Toronto ON. CHKT and Fairchild Radio IDs Weak  5669 km
1590 0400 USA WARV Warwick RI. WARV Warwick-Providence ID. Weak  5308 km
 690 0430 CAN CKGM Montréal QC. Sports talk, .ca web address and TSN ID. Fair but badly
              splattered by 5-Live 693.  Fair  5203 km **

1560 0459 USA KGOW Bellaire TX. Yahoo Sports Radio Fifteen Sixty ID almost equal WFME
              Fair  7808 km **

** Personal First

Peak reception time was around 0430 with some good TA signals. Nice to hear a CKGM 690 push its way through the 5-Live splatter on 693 at 0430.

I occasionally hear oldies on 980 when conditions are good to North America. This morning had this mystery station coming in well around 0430, but the peak coincided with the middle of a song. I suspect this is CHRF Montreal but I can never find an ID.

Plenty of other frequencies were alive with North American signals just before local sunrise. Sadly, many of them faded perfectly for the top of the hour, as is all too frequently the case.

Good DX!

John Faulkner, Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) 1m ASL
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Receiver: Perseus SDR Receiver
Antenna:  Movable 10ft x 25ft flag

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