Sunday, 24 April 2016

Early Start To The Sporadic E Season!

This has been the earliest start to a sporadic E season I can remember, although I haven't really checked so early in April before now.

The first Es opening of 2016 came shortly before midday on April 18th with a small opening to Russia on the OIRT band. Nothing was heard on band 2.

The second Es opening reached band 2 just after midday on April 19th. Arabic programming was heard for a minute or two, very weakly on 87.6. It was definitely sporadic E.

The third opening came today, April 24th, during the early evening, when the Reggio Calabira area in southern Italy came through, the MUF reaching 90.4 MHz.

A sign of things to come? Of course not ;O) The Es will happen as and when they want. This probably means nothing at all, but how nice to have such an early start to the season.

Good DX!

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