Saturday, 21 April 2018

Skegness Log: 2018-04-21 (Tropo: BEL F)

105.0 0814 BEL Radio Media, Ronse/Kluisbergen (vlg-ovl) 
               OMs talk then Dutch song, as web  347km **
106.9 0818 BEL Radio FM Gold, Meulebeke (vlg-wvl) Laid-back OM and oldies, as web stream. 
               Almost noise free.  317km **
107.1 0824 BEL Family Radio (Formerly S-Radio), Oostende/Residentie De Mast (vlg-wvl) 
               OM ID and Dutch music  278km
107.4 0825 BEL Stadsradio Oostende 1, Oostende/Residentie De Mast (vlg-wvl) 
               Jingle ID 6334 278km **
107.6 0827 BEL IRO, Izegem/Lendeleedsestraat (vlg-wvl) Jingle ID and pops  318km
107.5 0837 BEL IRO, Unlisted transmitter Pops, as 107.6  
106.8 0846 BEL X-Ray FM, Torhout (vlg-wvl) Jingle ID and interesting club music  299km **
104.0 0849 BEL Bel RTL, Bruxelles/The Hotel (bru) Discussion, as web  377km
103.6 0852 BEL VBRO, Oostende/Residentie De Mast (vlg-wvl)  637B 278km
105.8 0856 BEL Radio Kompas, Koekelare (Ichtegem/Vinkensveldstraat) (vlg-wvl) 
               63E9 _RADIO__ _KOMPAS_ 295km __100___ PROCENT_ __HITS__ 0495/___ 042.895_
105.7 0902 BEL T.R.O., Oostkamp (vlg-wvl) Jingle: TRO The Music Is Yours 6B89 296km
105.3 0906 BEL, Gent/UG Complex Ledeganck (vlg-ovl) Pops, as web  330km
104.7 0916 BEL Radio Max, Aalter (vlg-ovl) Dutch pop song, Max jingle 6C21 314km
107.7 0929 BEL Star FM, Unlisted 6219 ????eI?? Jingle and vocal IDs. Dance music.   **
 88.0 1008 BEL Nostalgie Vlaanderen, Kortrijk/Diksmuidekaai 6 (vlg-wvl) Jingle ID  327km **
 88.9 1011 BEL VBRO, Diksmuide (vlg-wvl) Dutch pops, as web  294km
104.8 1044 BEL Westradio, Koksijde/Residentie 21 (vlg-wvl) Jingle ID  276km **
106.2 1050 BEL C-Fun, Knokke-Heist (vlg-wvl) Jingle ID  287km **
106.5 1051 BEL Radio Oost West, Tielt/ITC (vlg-wvl) Soft music and OM, as web  316km
106.6 1053  F  Radio Campus Lille, Lille/Cité Scientifique (59) Over Waltham  342km
106.3 1103 BEL Radio Max, Eeklo/Leopoldlaan 88 (vlg-ovl) 
               Full ID before late news. Same as 104.7  308km
105.9 1107 BEL LRM Radio, Bree/Luytenstraat 48 (vlg-lim) News and ads, as web  426km **

** Personal First

It seems like a long time since I have had tropo this good. When was the last big tropo? I honestly don't remember.

Belgium was the main contender and signals were good from the regulars. Going vertical brought in several new locals at the top of the band.

Good DX!

John Faulkner
Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) <3m ASL.
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Elad FDM-S2 (Meteor Scatter and sporadic E)
Sony XDR-F1HD with Konrad i2c mod. (Tropo/Scatter)

Körner 9.2 @ 5.5 metres agl. QTH is approximately 3 metres asl, 1km from the sea.
Fringe Electronics 20dB pre-amp.

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