Friday, 6 May 2011

Normanby Top DX Trip

My first 'proper' DX trip of the year took place today, concentrating on the 2m amateur band. 

This time I was not alone. Accompanying me were Jane, M6VVP (my other half) and Victor MM6ECO, a friend who was on holiday from Scotland. evening. 

It was good to meet Victor for the first time and I know he also enjoyed the visit to the Friskney & East Lincolnshire Communications Club on the previous Tuesday. We were also privaleged to be allowed to use the club callsign "MX0LFC/P" for our trip. Click here to visit FELCC 

So, three intrepid DXers travelled from Skegness to the highest point in Lincolnshire: Normanby Top - the highest part of the Lincolnshire Wolds at 551ft (168m) above sea level. 

Looking west from Normanby Top

"Wolds Top", as it was formerly known, lies approximately five miles north of the town of Market Rasen and approximately 20 miles north-east of Lincoln. The summit is marked with an Ordnance Survey triangulation station, which was erected in July 1999 as part of the Ordnance Survey national GPS system. This hill is also home to a National Air Traffic Control station - the giant 'golf ball' at the top. 

National Air Traffic Colntrol, Normanby Top

Although this hill is far from being of mountainous proportions, it enjoys stunning views over all points of Lincolnshire and beyond. The Humber Bridge can also be seen on a clear day. Sadly, our visit coincided with warm, humid weather - ideal in some ways, but the humidity was apparent in the air, making the distance quite hazy. Indeed we were lucky to avoid some heavy downpours which were apparent to the west and north of us. 

Equipment in use was an Icom IC7000 mobile transceiver and a Cushcraft VRX2 colinear. The colinear was approximately 15 feet above the ground. 

Cushcraft VRX2

The log below includes most of the QSOs. A few additional ones were lost due to QSB, etc. Conditions were below average so no exceptional distances were achieved, our furthest contact being from Oldbury in the West Midlands. We enjoyed four hours of non-stop DXing and good old nattering, each of us taking it in turns.

Thank you to all those who responded to our calls. We look forward to working you again in the future. 



 Call    Name QTH   In Out Power
 M1AIU/P Gareth, Bourne, Lincs  5/1 5/5
 G4FPO Ken, Selby, N Yorks  5/1 5/3
 G0MZZ Tony, Leeds   5/1 5/1
 M1AKT/M Dave, Barnsley, S Yorks 5/3 5/5
 2E0WJC Bill, Pudsey, Leeds  5/5 5/9
 2E0GLE Graham, Grantham, Lincs  5/1 5/2
 M0GUU Arthur, Sleaford, Lincs  5/1 5/1
 G7CNM/P Dave, Lincoln   5/1 5/1
 G0CEG Peter, Lincoln   5/9 5/9 +
 G0UAN Nige, Winston, N Lincs 5/9 5/9 +10
 G0IOR John, Scartho, NE Lincs 5/7 "+"
 G7ZRT Ron, Boston   5/6 5/9 +50
 2E0EEY Chris, Leeds   5/2 5/9
 G4NPS Jim, Grimsby, NE Lincs 5/7 ?
 G1HCI Richard, Grimsby, NE Lincs 5/7 ?
 M3LFY Terry, Bawtry, S Yorks 57 ? ?
 G0JJR David, Sheffield  5/9 5/9 +
 G6LCS John, Tideswell, Derbys 5/1 ? 2.5W
 G6LCS John, Tideswell, Derbys 5/4 ? 25W
 M3NRQ/P Paul, Sheffield  5/1 ?
 M0TCP Keith, Oldbury, W Mids  5/1 5/1
 MR0MFP Chris, Sutton On Sea, Lincs 5/1 5/6
 M0KIS Alan, Sleaford, Lincs  5/6 ?
 M0ODV Rob, Hull   5/4 5/7
 M3VXT Craig, Chesterfield, Derbys 5/5 5/7
 G6ZBO Mike, Nottingham  5/1 5/9
 G1PPP Jim, East Stockwith, Lincs 5/9 ?