Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Skegness Log: 2016-10-11 (MW: E Asia, Brazil)

 940 0236  B  ZYJ453 Super Rede Boa Vontade, Rio de Janeiro/Magé (RJ) OM announcements
              mentioning Boa Vontade twice. Religious programming. V weak  9409 km **

 738 1800 CHN Xinjiang RGD 738 Zonghe, Ürümqi/Hutubi-XJTS631 (XJ) YL ID after time pips.
              YL news, fair over Taiwan Fair  6042 km

1278 2000  J  JOFR RKB Mainichi Hoso, Fukuoka (kyu-fuk) YL IDs. Becomes dominant and
              clear after the top of the hour. Weak/Fair  9226 km

1350 2000  J  JOER RCC Chugoku Hoso, Etajima/Okimi (chg-hir) ID and time signal.
              Equal I Am Radio Weak  9251 km

1377 2100 CHN CNR 1, Xingyang/SARFT554 (HE) Strongest heard to date. Armchair level!
              Good  8306 km

1413 2100  J  JOIF KBC Kyushu Asahi Hoso, Fukuoka (kyu-fuk) Time signal. KBC ID.
              Weak under Moldova Weak  9224 km

 570 2225 GRL KNR, Nuuk=Godthåb/Telegrafoen (sms-nuk) Fair signal this evening.
              OM as web and // 650 Fair  3155 km

 650 2225 GRL KNR, Qeqertarsuaq=Godhavn (qaa-qeq) GOOD signal this evening! OM,
              as web and // 570 Good  3237 km

** Personal First

Catching up with logs again. I've held a few back while recordings were analysed. This is the start of a few days of exceptional Asiatic DX, recordings of which are on my YouTube page.

Good DX!

John Faulkner, Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) 1m ASL
YouTube Channel:
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Receiver: Perseus SDR Receiver
Software: Jaguar Big Cat
Antenna:  Movable 10ft x 25ft flag
Amplifier: G3PQA 17dB low noise pre-amp

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