Friday, 21 June 2013

Skegness Log: 21-06-13 (FM)

Band 2 Sporadic E:
107.66 0721  I  Radio Romantica, Montecompatri (rm) 5028 ROMANTIC  1565km **
107.5  0722  I  Radio Kiss Kiss, Motta San Giovanni (rc) Vocal ID  2056km **
107.9  0722  I  Radio 24, Rocca di Papa/Monte Cavo (rm) 5245 RADIO_24  1568km
107.0  0723  I  AFN Napoli-Power 107, Napoli/Camaldoli (na) 99A1 AFNPOWER  1720km **
107.2  0733  I  Radio Maria, Buccheri/Monte Lauro (sr) 51CC R.MARIA_  2106km
105.1  0734  I  Radio Telecolor, Buccheri/Monte Lauro (sr) 5503   2106km
107.4  0734  I  Radio Margherita, Buccheri/Monte Lauro (sr) 5242 MARGHRTA  2106km
107.1  0736  I  R101, Enna/Monte Salvo-Via Spirito Santo (en) Presumed site. 5215  2040km **
103.8  0741  I  Radio Gela Express, Two sites listed 3EFE _EXPRESS Vocal ID **
 88.0  1027 TUN Radio Zitouna FM, Djebel Zaghouan (zag) 7211 ____UN__  2016km
 87.8  1030  I  R101, Tramonti/Monte Sant'Angelo (sa) 5215  1755km

** Personal Skegness 'First'

I wasn't around much to do radio today but I caught each end of this morning's Italian opening. This evening's Scandinavian Es avoided me completely. Hopefully better luck tomorrow.

107.0 AFN Power Network, Naples 0727 21-06-13

Good DX!

John, Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) 1.7m (5'9") ASL. Ref. Google Altitude Maps

Personal All Time VHF Logbooks:
VHF Band 2 DX Recordings:

Sony XDR-F1HD (tropospheric)
Kenwood KT6040 (sporadic E & meteor scatter)
Icom IC7000 (OIRT)
Conrad RDS Manager

Rooftop Körner 9.2, 8m AGL
Yaesu G-5500 azimuthal/elevation rotator

RDS Spy v1.00r2

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