Saturday, 17 September 2016

Skegness Log: 2016-09-17 (MW Transatlantic & East Asia)

 660 0300 USA WFAN New York/High Island (NY) IDing as the WFAN Radio Network Fair  5519 km
1180 0400 USA WHAM Rochester/Brook Road (NY) Only from Newsradio Eleven Eighty WHAM Rochester 
                   Fair  5605 km
1440 0400 USA WGIG Brunswick (GA) (Real)? Radio Fourteen Forty WGIG Brunswick ID V weak  
                   6768 km **
1540 0400 USA WDCD New Light 96.7, Albany (NY) WDCD ID just after the hour with WDCD sung 
                   jingle Fair  5389 km
1580 0459 CAN CKDO Oshawa (ON) CKDO ID, mentioning 107.7 FM Weak  5613 km
1700 0459 USA WJCC Radio Mega, Miami Springs (FL) WJCC ID and disclaimer Weak  7128 km
 540 0500 CAN CBT  CBC Radio 1, Grand Falls (NL) OM and CBC News jingle. On top around 0530 
                   with OM/YL discussion V weak     3838 km
 830 0500 USA WCRN News Talk Radio 830, Worcester (MA) WCRN call letters hear in splatter, 
                   CBS News Weak  5302 km
 880 0500 USA WCBS WCBS Newsradio 880, New York/High Island (NY) WCBS Newstime Fair  5519 km
1010 0500 CAN CFRB Newstalk 1010, Toronto/Oakville (ON) Newstalk Ten Ten Toronto ID Weak  5692 km
1550 0500 CAN CBEF SRC Première Chaîne, Windsor (ON) Radio Canada ID and news Fair  5988 km
1640 0500 USA WTNI 96.7 The Champ ESPN Radio, Biloxi (Gulfport) (MS) WTNI Biloxi ID, also 
                   mentioning 1490 WXBD. ESPN Radio ID Weak  7294 km
1380 0525 CAN CKPC Brantford (ON) YL CKPC 13-80 vocal at exactly 05:25:52 Fair  5767 km
1570 0526 USA WMVX Viva 1570, Beverly (MA) ... en Viva Radio by YL. More IDs.  Weak  5210 km **
1610 0528 CAN CHHA Voces Latinas, Toronto (ON) Voces Latina ID Weak  5664 km
1420 0529 CAN CKDY AVR, Digby (NS) This is CKDY ID between country songs Weak  4746 km
 570 0530 CAN CFCB Corner Brook (NL) CFCB mentioned in promo. Oldies Weak  3990 km **
 850 0530 USA WEEI WEEI Sports Radio Network, Boston/Starr Ridge (MA) ESPN Radio jingle and 
                   Red Sox news Fair  5257 km
 860 0530 CAN CJBC SRC Première Chaîne, Toronto/Meadowvale (ON) French song, as 1550 Weak  
                   5698 km
1310 0530 CAN CIWW 1310 News, Ottawa (ON) Splatter-obscured ID. Ontario news Weak  5332 km
1410 0530 CAN CJWI CPAM 1410, Saint-Constant (QC) French (or Creole?) phone-in. C-Pam ID 
                   Fair  5192 km
1690 0531 CAN CHTO Toronto/Scarborough (ON) OM CHTO ID V weak  5658 km
1143 1900 KOR      Radio Free Korea, unknown site. Top of the hour music and OM ID.
                   V weak but almost fair levels by 2000 
when above Taiwan.
                   Weak  ? km **
1188 1900  J  JOKP NHK Radio 1, Kitami (hok) Presumed. Time signal, usual NHK music and 
                   Japanese OM. Under Radio Payam. V weak  8682 km
1278 1900  J  JOFR RKB Mainichi Hoso, Fukuoka (kyu-fuk) RKB Radio ID and time pips Weak  9226 km
1440 1900  J  JOWF STV Sapporo TV Hoso, Sapporo (hok) Thank you to Hiroyuki Okamura in
                   Japan for providing a recording of the same top of the hour routine
                   as heard in my recording. They matched.  V weak  8684 km **
891 2000 TWN BED24 BCC Local Tainan, Tainan (TN) Jingle before news.  V weak  9753 km

1143 2000 TWN BEL3 Taiwan Chü Yuyeh Kuangpo Tientai, Baisha/Chiangmei Ts un (PG)
                   Good this evening 
with time signal and ID Good  9675 km
1350 2000  J  JOER RCC Chugoku Hoso, Etajima/Okimi (chg-hir) RCC ID and time signal Weak  
                   9251 km
1206 2059 CHN Shanxi RGD Nongcun Guangbo, Shuozhou (SX) Thank you to Hiroyuki Okamura 
              (RealDX Group) in Japan for spotting the references to the Shénmù of Shanxi 
              Sheng Weak  7848 km
1017 2100 CHN      China Radio Int./CNR 8, Changchun/SARFT523 (JL) China Radio International 
                   signature tune and ID Weak  8011 km

** Personal First

This evening brought one of the best Asiatic sessions I can remember! Three clear Japanese stations, plus monstrous signals from South Koreans 972 HLCA, 1170 HLSR and 1566 HLAZ.

There were lots of unidentified Oriental signals too. I have an idea what some of these are, but until I hear an ID I will leave them alone. It's quite clear there are other Japanese stations in there.

NB: 1206 2059 CHN Shanxi RGD Nongcun Guangbo, Shuozhou added. 19-09-16 NB: 1143 1900 Radio Free Korea, unknown site added. 21-09-16 NB: 1440 1900 JOWF Sapporo added 10-10-16

Good DX!

John Faulkner, Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) 1m ASL
YouTube Channel:
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Receiver: Perseus SDR Receiver
Software: Jaguar Big Cat
Antenna:  Movable 10ft x 25ft flag
Amplifier: G3PQA 17dB low noise pre-amp

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