Thursday, 1 September 2016

Skegness Log: 2016-09-01 (MW: Ecuador & Peru)

1020 0200 USA KDKA Newsradio 1020 KDKA, Pittsburgh/Allison Park (KDKA Drive) (PA)
              ID and CBS News Weak  5930 km

 930 0248 CAN CJYQ KIXX Country, Saint Johns (NL) Saturday mornings .... on the
              new 9-30 KIXX Country Weak  3730 km

1700 0400 USA WRCR AM 1700 Radio Rockland, Spring Valley (NY) WRCR Spring Valley
              ID V weak  5516 km

1570 0447 PRU OAU7Z Radio Carráviz, Juliaca (pun) Mentions of palabra de (or la)
              radio de ... Juliaca IPDA 
programming. Thanks Fredrik, Mauricio and
              Henrik for conformation.  Weak  10161 km **

1190 0451 EQA HCDE2 UCSG R-TV, Guayaquil (gua) ID and announcements.
              Thanks to Simon and Mauricio for help.  
Weak  9555 km **
1350 0451 EQA HCVR2 Teleradio 13-50, Guayaquil (gua) Teleradio IDs and a mention of their
Good signal at times  Fair  9555 km **
1490 0451 EQA HCSM5 Radio Santa María, Azogues (can) Thanks to Henrik for analysing
              my recording and exchanging 
jingle IDS. This is 100% EWTN and no doubt
              Radio Santa Maria, despite no IDs. Mostly weak but fair peaks.  

              Weak  9535 km **
1540 0454 PRU OCU2X Radio Turbo Mix, Cajamarca (caj) Turbomix ID, lively Latin rhythms.
              Weak  9906 km

** Personal First

September 1st was quite a special morning. I've only ever logged one Ecuadorian station on medium wave. Radio Sucre from Guayaquil on 700 kHz. I've actually heard this twice, so I am well aware how rare Ecuador is to hear. Then THREE new Ecuadorian stations come along within minutes of each other! Curiously, Radio Sucre wasn't heard at all at the time.

Videos of this DX being received can be seen on my YouTube channel:

Good DX!

John Faulkner, Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) 1m ASL
YouTube Channel:
Vimeo Channel:

Receiver: Perseus SDR Receiver
Software: Jaguar Big Cat
Antenna:  Movable 10ft x 25ft flag

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