Friday, 1 July 2016


I recently called for help from a fellow DXer. I had a few stations I wanted identifying, so I called on his help. He has been kind in the past and has willingly identified a number of stations for me but this time there was no response. "Fear not" I thought, my message must have gone astray. I contacted him again. Nothing! So I tried an email. Nothing! I tried one more time and asked if everything was OK. Nope. I was now convinced he was deliberately ignoring me. It wasn't just me he was ignoring though. Another UK DXer asked for help and got the same zero response.

I am not revealing the names and locations of those concerned but, let me make it clear, I do not 'expect' people to help 'on demand'. I think it's nice when we all make some effort, at least once in a while, to return the help we receive.

Our hobby is well known for promoting friendship across the world, but I am concerned that the recent political situation in our country is now starting to cause a divide.

I am ashamed of my country in some ways. More to the point, I am certainly ashamed of our governments. They DO NOT represent the majority of people and they certainly do not care about people other than themselves. They have their own agenda and I am sick of the way they ride over the ordinary people of this country.

What I am seeing appears to be a result of that stupid "BREXIT" thing we had recently. It has caused us a lot of damage. Moreover, I am shocked by the number of people generalising about UK citizens being RACIST as a result of our vote to leave the European Union.

It has often been stated in the media that our vote to leave the EU was based solely on immigration and we this is causing problems. Even by our own politicians were branding us as "racist" if we were going to vote to leave. Let me tell you, there were many reasons people voted to leave. There are always a few - a small minority of people who are racist. It's the same anywhere, but any issues about immigration were never based on racism, but based on numbers.

I know what racism feels like. I have experienced racism in most European countries I have visited. It's not nice. It's scary! But most people are sensible. Racism is irrational. It's reasonable to dislike an individual, no matter where they are from, but to dislike an entire country or race or religion? That's just ridiculous. I am stating the obvious but there is good and bad in all walks of life.

Most people here are in favour of immigration. I think it's great to welcome other cultures to this country. PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE the CRAP propagated in our media. The media in the UK has a longstanding history of bias and lies. Oh - just like our evil governments.

I DESPISE our governments. We have a terrible history of walking over other nations and helping ourselves to other countries as we wish. Just understand that this is what our governments do and NOT the people. "Not in my name", as people say. The vast majority of people in the UK are peaceful and we welcome friendship with people of all nationalities, faiths, skin colour, cultures, etc.

How about we all try our best to get on with each other? Most of us do. Don't let politics get in the way. I don't vote. I know I probably SHOULD vote, but I have never voted in my life. Why? I don't feel qualified. I know little about politics. It disgusts me. But the main reason I have never voted is because I have NEVER found a party I have WANTED to vote for.


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