Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Skegness Log: 23-12-14 (FM)

Band 2 Meteor Scatter:
 88.1 0510 S SR P1, Gävle/Skogmur TM (ga) YL, as 89.4  1310km
 89.1 0510 NOR NRK P2, Halden 1/Høyåsmasten (of) F202  958km
 87.6 0532 NOR NRK P1, Nordhue (he) F801  1094km
 92.5 0654  S  SR P2, Kisa (Kinda)/TM (og) E402  1095km **
101.3 0702  S  SR P4, Borlänge/Teracoms mast Idkerberget (da) E224  1204km
101.6 0805  S  SR P4 Uppland, Östhammar/Valö TM (up) E524  1334km
102.5 0855  S  SR P4, Storuman/Norrberg TM (vb) ED24  1618km
103.7 0912 POL PR Radio Gdansk, Gdansk/Chwaszczyno (PM) 309C  1195km
104.1 0912  D  delta radio, Bungsberg/DTAG-Turm (shs) D3E9  694km
104.7 0932 FIN Radio Nova, Tampere-Tammerfors/Kämmenniemi-Vähä - Koveron Tie (pi) 6209  1684km
107.6 0932 FIN Radio Nova, Kristiinankaupunki-Kristinestad/Lapväärtti-Pyhävuo (po)
               English interview, as 104.7  1610km

 88.1 2235 AUT Hitradio Ö3, Multi-tx Possibly Bad Ischl. Pops, as 89.2 **
 89.2 2235 AUT Hitradio Ö3, Graz 1/Schöckl (ste) A203  1261km
 89.4 2235 AUT Hitradio Ö3, Sankt Pölten/Jauerling (nie) Pops, as 89.2  1181km

** Personal 'First'

This is the first time I have used the recording scheduler on the S2 and it worked first time. I programmed in five x one hour long recording slots around sunrise for each 6 MHz portion of the band. What a great feature! I hope this can be built upon in future software updates as I feel some improvements can be made. But as it stands you have to re-programme virtually all the parameters of each recording session manually, however it's not complicated once you've got the hang of it. Too many 'famous last words' here. Let's see if the next recordings come out OK. :O)

Good DX!

John Faulkner
Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) <3m ASL.
YouTube Channel:
Vimeo Channel:

Elad FDM-S2

Körner 9.2 @ 5.5 metres agl. QTH is 3 metres asl.
Triax FM3, one metre above the ground as a phasing antenna.
Fringe Electronics 20dB & Labgear 30dB band 2 pre-amps.
HS Publications Antenna Phaser.

Yaesu G-5500 azimuth & elevation rotator, allowing antenna to be vertical, horizontal, etc.

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