Monday, 15 December 2014

Skegness Log: 15-12-14 (FM)

Band 2 Meteor Scatter:
103.7 0203 POL PR Radio Gdansk, Gdansk/Chwaszczyno (PM) 309C  1195km
105.0 0203 POL Radio ZET, Gdansk/Chwaszczyno (PM) 3205  1195km
103.8 0229 AUT FM 4, Wien 1/Kahlenberg (wie) A213  1247km
103.5 0233 SVK SRo 1 Rádio Slovensko, Zilina/Krízava (ZA) 5201  1363km
104.0 0233 SVK Fun Rádio, Banská Bystrica/Suchá hora (BB) 5340  1392km
105.4 0233  D  Hitradio RTL Sachsen, Chemnitz/Geyer (sac) D3C9  904km
103.5 0236  D  Antenne Bayern, Brotjacklriegel (bay) D318  1021km
104.2 0236  ?  Radio Holiday, UNID relay in the Tirolean Alps **
104.8 0236  D  hr1, Heidelstein (Rhön) [bay] (hes) D361  729km
106.9 0236  D  B5 aktuell, Brotjacklriegel (bay) D315  1021km
107.3 0236  D  hr4, Heidelstein (Rhön) [bay] (hes) D364  729km
103.6 0239 POL PR Radio Wroclaw, Luban/Nowa Karczma (DS) 3403  1035km
 95.3 0729 NOR NRK P2, Bagn 1/Kjeldeknatten (op) F202  1019km
 95.4 0729 NOR NRK P2, Low power multi-tx OM  YL, as 95.3 (50 kHz bandwidth isolates
               from 95.3) **

 95.5 0729 NOR NRK P2, Multi-tx. Possibly Kongsberg OM  YL, as 95.3 **
 96.4 0729 NOR NRK P2, Gausta/Gaustatoppen (te) OM and YL, as 95.3  902km
 97.1 0729 NOR NRK P2, Nordhue (he) OM  YL, as 95.3  1094km
 97.2 0729 NOR NRK P2, Melhus/Vassfjellet Vassfjellvegen (st) OM  YL, as 95.3  1265km
 97.4 0729 NOR NRK P2, Low power multi-tx. 100 watt Tyin (Op) strongest OM  YL,
               as 95.3 **

 98.7 0729 NOR NRK P2, Bjerkreim/Urdalsnipa (ro) OM  YL, as 95.3  703km
 94.7 0734  S  SR P3, Vislanda (Alvesta)/Nydala TM (kb) YL, as 97.2  983km **
 95.4 0734  S  SR P3, Halmstad/Oskarström-Slättåkra TM (ha) YL, as 97.2  899km **
 97.0 0734  S  SR P3, Hörby/Sallerup TM (sn) YL, as 97.2  913km
 97.2 0734  S  SR P3, Visby/Follingbo TM (go) E203  1238km **
 98.0 0734  S  SR P3, Malmö or Västerås YL, as 97.2
 95.3 0737  D  Deutschlandradio Kultur, Schwerin (mev) D220  739km **
 97.7 0737 CZE Kiss Jizní Cechy, Votice/Mezivrata (ST) 2556  1069km
 96.0 0743  S  SR P3, Västervik or Bollnäs YL, as 97.7
 96.5 0743  S  SR P3, Karlstad/Sörmon TM (vr) YL, as 97.7  1060km
 97.5 0743  S  SR P3, Skövde or Tåsjö YL, as 97.7
 97.7 0743  S  SR P3, Karlskrona or Borlänge F203
 98.5 0743  S  SR P3, Multi-tx, but maybe Sunne or Gällivare YL, as 97.7 **
 98.8 0743  S  SR P3, Varberg/Rolfstorp-Grimeton TM (ha) Suspect varberg as opposed to
               Filipstad. YL, as 97.7  882km

 95.4 0745  D  MDR Figaro, Dresden-Wachwitz (sac) D3C3  951km **
 95.9 0745 CZE CRo Radiozurnál, Liberec/Jested (LI) 232F  1038km **
 96.0 0745 POL RMF FM, Kraków/Choragwica (MP) Pops, as 95.3  1406km
 96.0 0745 POL PR Radio Wroclaw, Klodzko/Czarna Góra (DS) 3403  1177km **
 96.4 0745  D  MDR Figaro, Jena-Oßmaritz (thü) String concerto, as 95.4  809km **
 96.6 0745  D  Deutschlandfunk (DLF), Leipzig Wiederau (sac) D210  843km
 96.9 0745 SVK SRo 2 Rádio Regina, Poprad/Králová hola (PO) 5960  1459km
 97.2 0745 SVK SRo 3 Rádio Devín, Zilina/Krízava (ZA) 521B  1363km
 97.3 0745  D  Deutschlandfunk (DLF), Dresden-Wachwitz (sac) OM, as 96.6  951km
 97.4 0745 CZE Frekvence 1, Pardubice/Krásné (PA) 2205  1127km
 97.6 0745 POL PR 1, Klodzko/Czarna Góra (DS) 3211  1177km **
 97.9 0745 POL PR 1, Katowice/Kosztowy (SL) 3211  1333km
 97.9 0745 CZE Radio Proglas, Liberec/Jested (LI) 2AA1  1038km
 98.8 0745 POL PR 1, Wroclaw/G.Sleza (DS) News jingle, as 97.9  1147km **
 96.9 0759  S  SR P3, Kisa (Kinda)/TM (og) Pops, as 97.1. Squashing Viking!  1095km **
 97.1 0759  S  SR P3, Jönköping/Bondberget Comviq TM (jo) E203  1014km **
 97.8 0759  S  SR P3, Örnsköldsvik/Åsberget TM (vn) Pops, as 97.1  1547km
 94.8 0800  S  SR P4, Norrköping/Kolmården-Krokek Orrbergen TM (og) EF24  1174km **
 98.7 0800  S  SR P3, Norrköping/Kolmården-Krokek Orrbergen TM (og) E203  1174km **
 94.6 0814 POL RMF FM, Poznan/Srem (WP) 3F44  1127km
 96.4 0814 POL PR 3, Poznan/Srem (WP) 3233  1127km

** Personal 'First'

Quite a climb down from the intensity of the previous day's meteor activity. There were only a very small handful of good bursts which were strong enough for RDS - note the times of logging. Again, it was around the dawn period. I logged everything I could ID this time. There were still quite a few personal firsts, but these were virtually all new frequencies from transmitters I have already received elsewhere.

Radio Holiday was the star prize tonight, the transmitter of which is unknown. The female ID heard exactly matches a jingle ID of the station in the Bolzano region of north-east Italy.

One thing which is becoming more apparent with the meteor scatter is that certain countries are appearing more frequently at certain times of the night. This must be due to the relation with the arrival point of the meteors and the rotation of the earth. The exact lines are slightly blurred, but it seems that more southerly and south-eastern areas arrive during the early part of the morning and more north-easterly countries arrive around sunrise. The positioning of each meteor shower will probably have a bearing on this, so it might just be that different meteor showers will produce slightly different activity.

The big powerhouses still dominate the band, but those rarities and unusual catches are still getting through.

Good DX!

John Faulkner
Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) <3m ASL.
YouTube Channel:
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Elad FDM-S2

Körner 9.2 @ 5.5 metres agl. QTH is 3 metres asl.
Triax FM3, one metre above the ground as a phasing antenna.
Fringe Electronics 20dB & Labgear 30dB band 2 pre-amps.
HS Publications Antenna Phaser.

Yaesu G-5500 azimuth & elevation rotator, allowing antenna to be vertical, horizontal, etc.

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