Saturday, 21 December 2013

Skegness Log: 21-12-13 (FM)

Band 2 Meteor Scatter:
 87.7 0020  E  RAC 1, Barcelona/Collserola (CAT-B) E251 _R______  1311km
 94.6 1121  D  MDR 1 Radio Sachsen-Anhalt, Brocken (san) YL talk, briefly while listening to
               scatter and comparing with web stream  713km **
 99.0 1127  F  France Culture, Marseille/Grande Etoile (13) Nice sustained burst. 40dB.
               OM, as Lille 98.0  1149km
103.6 1136  F  France Bleu Provence, Marseille/Grande Etoile (13) YL talk, as web
               stream  1149km **
 94.2 1142  I  RAI Radio1, Menconico/Monte Penice (RAI) (pv) YL heard, as web stream
               while looking for Marseille  1136km **
 94.2 1210  F  France Musique, Marseille/Grande Etoile (13) Piano concerto, as 88.7  1149km **

** Personal Skegness 'First' via this mode

Apart from 87.7 RAC 1, all other MS loggings were made listening live.

Good DX!

John Faulkner, Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) <2m ASL.

Sony XDR-F1HD with Konrad i2c modification & XDR-GTK software.
Kenwood KT6040, Conrad RDS Manager & RDS Spy.

Rooftop Körner 9.2, 8m AGL & Yaesu G-5500 azimuthal/elevation rotator

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