Friday, 6 December 2013

Skegness Log: 06-12-13 (MW)

 972 1400 KOR HLCA KBS Hanminjok Bangsong 1, Dangjin (ccg) Time signal, music and OM.
              Almost equal levels Germany at times. Weak  8740 km

1017 1400  J  JOLB NHK2, Fukuoka (kyu-fuk) Presumed. Japanese time signal. Almost
              certainly JOLB. Too weak for ID. Mixing weaker CRI. V weak  9242 km

1278 1400 CHN UNID CNR station. Distinctive three slower Chinese pips, as heard on
              Scandinavian files. Not heard here before.  V weak

1323 1400 CHN China Radio Int., Ürümqi/Hutubi-SARFT654 (XJ) Interval signal V weak  6041 km
1413 1400  J  JOIF KBC-Kyushu Asahi Hoso, Fukuoka (kyu-fuk) Presumed. Clear time signal
              but squashed by Premier Christian Radio. Japanese OM underneath,  V weak 
              9225 km **

JOLB is likely. The signal was too weak for an ID but I don't see anything else it could really be. Listening to Scandinavian Perseus files also shows this and CRI to be the regulars on 1017.

While scanning around the band on the Scandinavian files I have I noticed a slight variation of the The Chinese time signal on 1278. Instead of six pips, with the sixth pip being an octave higher, this one was three pips, with the third still an octave higher. A Beijing ID was heard on the Scandinavian file. I noticed this for the first time here today. It was too weak to hear any vocals and I wouldn't even like to guess the site, but it's another one to watch out for at least.

** Personal Skegness First

Good DX!

John Faulkner, Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) 1m ASL

Receiver: Perseus SDR
Antenna:  10ft x 25ft flag at 15 degrees
Software: Perseus v4.1a; HDSDR v2.63; Mestor

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