Monday, 4 September 2017

No Noise Is Good Noise (Part 2 - Medium Wave)

This noise destroys the MW band here. I thought I knew roughly where it was coming from, but it seems to be 'everywhere' !!

I tried my running my medium wave DX setup from a leisure battery, switching off the electricity supply in my house, but it did not stop the noise.

The noise puts in two appearances each day. From approximately 1500 - 1900 and again from approximately 0600 - 0800.

The bad news is that as we head deeper into the MW DX season, the peak DX times also move into the noise periods.

Using my Degen DE1103, I have walked around all corners of my garden and the noise is at full scale deflection on the signal meter. It does, however, seem to be slightly quieter in one corner of the garden. I will be clearing this space to put my flag there as soon as possible.

Based on this information, and if I am correct, the noise is coming from a northerly to north-easterly direction. Further investigation is needed.

Even when this noise is absent. there are other elements of noise across the band, ranging from burbling, buzzing and general hash across many frequencies.

Medium Wave DXing is going to be a challenge this season.

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