Sunday, 5 March 2017

Skegness Log: 2017-03-05 (Meteor Scatter)

103.2 0524 POL PR Radio Olsztyn, Olsztyn/Pieczewo (WM) 39A1 RADIO___ OLSZTYN_ 1334km
100.4 0536 POL Radio Maryja, Multi-tx YLs preaching, as 104.0 **
100.6 0536 POL Radio Maryja, Multi-tx. YLs preaching, as 104.0 **
101.4 0536 POL Radio Maryja, Czersk/Niezurawa (PM) YLs preaching, as 104.0  1162km **
102.9 0536 POL Radio Maryja, Gryfice/Zaleszczyce (ZP) YLs preaching, as 104.0  983km **
104.0 0536 POL Radio Maryja, Swiecie/Dólsk (KP) 3232 R-MA??JA 1196km **
104.7 0536 POL Radio Maryja, Lobez or Bialystok YLs preaching, as 104.0  
102.6 0629 FIN YLE Radio Vega, Kristiinankaupunki-Kristinestad (po) 6205 1610km
104.9 0629  S  Mix Megapol, Gävle/Skogmur TM (ga) YL vocal ID  1310km
105.5 0629  S  Mix Megapol, Multi-tx YL vocal ID **
105.6 0704 DNK Din Radio, Århus Ø/Knebel/Skødshoved/Quelstrupvej 1 (mjy) 9729 729km **

** Personal First

The number of meteor bursts increased as the morning progressed. I probably should have recorded 0700-1200 instead of 0300-0800.

There were quite a few bursts which were just that little bit too weak to produce any RDS.

Of interest was a British English speaking station on 102.6 which came in immediately after the burst from YLE Radio Vega. There was a man speaking seriously, as if on BBC R4. He may have been talking about football, but I can't be sure. No BBC R4 transmitters or other similar BBC stations exist in the UK on 102.6, so this one is a mystery.

Good DX!

John Faulkner
Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) <3m ASL.
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Elad FDM-S2 (Meteor Scatter and sporadic E)
Sony XDR-F1HD with Konrad i2c mod. (Tropo/Scatter)

Körner 9.2 @ 5.5 metres agl. QTH is approximately 3 metres asl, 1km from the sea.
Fringe Electronics 20dB pre-amp.

Elad FDM-SW2, SDR Console File Analyser & RDS Spy via VAC.
XDR-GTK v0.3.1 for the Sony XDR-F1HD

Yaesu G-5500 azimuth & elevation rotator, allowing antenna to be vertical, horizontal, etc.


  1. Nice work, when you are checking today's file check, 0646

  2. Thanks Tim.

    This was everything. The only thing I didn't log from this session was a single repeat of Radio Olsztyn. There were quite a few bursts which were too weak for RDS, but overall this wasn't a bad morning for the time of year.

    Good DX!


  3. not taping on 7th?
    was hoping someone caught the massive burst that happened just after my recording stopped :D

  4. No. I only do MS occasionally lately. I will do more as meteor improve.

    Got to say how fascinating a vertical beam to the north-west has been. Lots of Irish stuff has come in while beamed in this direction. Maybe some kind of backscatter.

    I once sent Paul L a file of an incredible Irish meteor burst and he identified virtually all stations. There was some amazing low powered stuff in there, but it's a rare occurrence. Only ever known one burst like that.

    Meteor scatter is fascinating. You just never know what is going to come in next! Anything can happen!

    My full log of identified stuff here: