Friday, 30 December 2016

Skegness Log: 2016-12-30 (Tropo: S D)

 97.0 0449  S  SR P3, Hörby/Sallerup TM (sn) Pops, as web. Almost noise free  913km
 92.7 0452  D  NDR Info, Morsum (Sylt) (shs) German song, as web  565km
105.0 0455  D  Deutschlandradio Kultur, Güby (Schleswig) (shs) German YL and soft music, 
               as web  630km
104.1 0458  D  delta radio, Bungsberg/DTAG-Turm (shs) D3E9 694km
105.1 0458  D  Antenne Niedersachsen, Rosengarten-Langenrehm (nds) Vocal ID  634km
101.3 0500  D  Antenne MV, Schwerin (mev) Pops, as web. Briefly over Langenberg  739km
102.9 0500  D  R.SH, Kaltenkirchen (shs) Jingle ID  647km
 88.2 0503  D  Radio Nordseewelle, Norden (nds) YL news, as web  459km
 90.8 0505  D  NDR Info, Neumünster Armstedt (shs) OM news, as web  635km
 99.5 0516  D  Radio Nordseewelle, Aurich (nds) Level 42 song, as web  478km
101.6 0517  D  Deutschlandfunk (DLF), Cuxhaven Otterndorf (nds) YL, as web  571km
106.4 0524  D  NDR 1 Welle Nord, Neumünster Armstedt (shs) Vocal ID. Over semi-local Kiss  
 97.9 0527  D  NDR 2, Cuxhaven/Holter Höhe (nds) Pops, as web  555km

Good DX!

John Faulkner
Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) <3m ASL.
YouTube Channel:
Vimeo Channel:

Elad FDM-S2 (Meteor Scatter and sporadic E)
Sony XDR-F1HD with Konrad i2c mod. (Tropo/Scatter)

Körner 9.2 @ 5.5 metres agl. QTH is approximately 3 metres asl, 1km from the sea.
Fringe Electronics 20dB pre-amp.

Elad FDM-SW2, SDR Console File Analyser & RDS Spy via VAC.
XDR-GTK v0.3.1 for the Sony XDR-F1HD

Yaesu G-5500 azimuth & elevation

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