Thursday, 17 November 2016

Skegness Log: 2016-11-17 (MW: Asia)

1242 1500 VTN Voice of Vietnam, Can Tho/Thoi Long (Station VN2) (cnt) 
              Top of the hour music, clearly audible behind Absolute mess. YL ID just 
              audible too. Weak  10100 km **
1413 1500  J  JOIF KBC Kyushu Asahi Hoso, Fukuoka (kyu-fuk) Time signal behind Serbia V weak  
              9224 km
1557 1500 TWN RTI iLoveMusic 1557/Radio Taiwan Int., Kouhu (YL) TRI News ID after time 
              signal Weak  9715 km
1575 1500 THA Voice of America/Radio Saranrom, Ban Phachi/Rasom (pay) Yankee Doodle weak in 
              the background V weak  9410 km

** Personal First

Very pleased to receive Vietnam on medium wave.

Good DX!

John Faulkner, Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) 1m ASL
YouTube Channel:
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Receiver: Perseus SDR Receiver
Software: Jaguar Big Cat
Antenna:  Movable 10ft x 25ft flag
Amplifier: G3PQA 17dB low noise pre-amp


  1. Cheers on that VTN logging!
    1413 is Moldova in Russian ofc. I finally succeeded here in Poland with China on 1359 yesterday, paralleling much stronger 1377 and 6120 shortwave.

  2. Thank you Maciek. I am so pleased to hear Vietnam.

    The site for 1377 is Xingyan. It's the only CNR1 site listed. Unlike 1359 where there are many CNR1 transmitters. I sometimes hear severe echoing from these on 1359. Maybe as many as eight transmitters at once on occasion. Some of those time pips are a few seconds out.

    Good DX!

  3. Hello John.
    Perhaps you know, what "test-tone" signal is mixing now with 918 Slovenia? It is quite strong at times, I must admit.
    I am also getting one on 594 right now and have occasionally on 891. The latter one being probably Algeria, but do you have any idea about the others?

  4. Hmm. I don't know. I am aware of Slovenia on 918 but I cannot think of anything else I've heard there, apart from India. I will check my recordings and see if I can hear this myself.

    Good DX!

  5. Today morning was the most productive so far for me, and I'm only 3 weeks into MW DX.
    I ID'ed for 1550 R.Ca. Premiere Windsor, which means this frequency is again "TA" for me - remember the Algerian station? :) Another ID'ed is 1580 CKDO Durham, which plays 24/7 Xmas songs now and was easy to compare with the stream.
    My azimuth to the locations of these two aligns!

    I also have suspitions about a third one - 1570 (not R.Bethel this time). The type of music (The Door Riders on the storm) and location (close to ID'ed Canadians) points shyly to WPTW (OH), but its power is only only 0,25kW station. Have you had any luck with such low powers? And does this method of area determing have any point?

    As always, I will be very glad for your opinion. Thank you.

  6. Hi Maciek.

    Yes, much better conditions this morning to North America. The bottom half of the band was poor, but the top half was good. In particulat, the X band was full of stations.

    There was a brief geomagnetic disturbance yesterday, but it must have lifted conditions.

    My log (so far) can be found here: but I still have some checking to do.

    Good DX!