Thursday, 7 May 2015

Skegness Log: 07-05-15 (FM)

OIRT Sporadic E:
 66.02 0845 BLR BR Radio Mahilyow, Bobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny Les (MA) Pops and jingle ID

 68.96 0846 BLR BR Kanal Kultura, Bobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny Les (MA) Classical music, presumed  1922km
 71.45 0847 BLR BR Pershy Kanal, Bobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny Les (MA)
                Presumed, though not in // web stream on FM List. Opt out?  1922km

 72.47 0848 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa, Brest/RTPS Rakitnica (BR) Pops, as web  1593km
 73.01 0848 BLR BR Radio Stalitsa, Bobruysk (Babrujsk)/RTPS Yasny Les (MA) Pops, as web  1922km
 70.91 0854 BLR BR Radio Mahilyow, Osipovichi (Asipovicy) (MA) Pops, as 66.02  1857km
 66.47 0900 BLR BR Pershy Kanal, Kostiukovichi (Kastsiukovicy)/RTPS (MA)
                ID, time pips and news  2092km

 67.46 0901 BLR BR Pershy Kanal, Osipovichi (Asipovicy) (MA) YL news, as 66.47  1857km

Brief and patchy Es to Belarus. It didn't hit band 2 here.

Good DX!

John Faulkner
Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) <3m ASL.
YouTube Channel:
Vimeo Channel:

Elad FDM-S2 (Meteor Scatter)
Sony XDR-F1HD with Konrad i2c mod. (Tropo/Scatter)

Körner 9.2 @ 5.5 metres agl. QTH is 3 metres asl.
Triax FM3, one metre above the ground as a phasing antenna.
Fringe Electronics 20dB & Labgear 30dB band 2 pre-amps.
HS Publications Antenna Phaser.

Elad FDM-SW2, SDR Console File Analyser & RDS Spy via VAC.
XDR-GTK v0.3.1 for the Sony XDR-F1HD

Yaesu G-5500 azimuth & elevation rotator, allowing antenna to be vertical, horizontal, etc.

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