Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Skegness Log: 22-04-15 (FM)

Band 2 Meteor Scatter:
105.6 1019  I  Retesport, Rocca di Papa (rm) 5148 __RETE__  1568km
107.1 1019  I  Antenna Uno, Rocca di Papa/Monte Cavo (rm) 5E84 AN______  1568km
105.3 1020  I  Dimensione Suono Due, Rocca di Papa/Monte Cavo (rm) 5E49  1568km
102.4 1138 POL PR 1, Warszawa/Raszyn (MW) 3211 JEDYNKA_  1388km
104.6 1138  S  NRJ, Mora/Eldris TM (da) E220 __NRJ___  1211km **
107.4 1138  S  NRJ, Rättvik or Sundsvall Advert, as 104.6 **
103.2 1201 POL PR Radio Olsztyn, Olsztyn/Pieczewo (WM) 39A1 ______n_  1334km
103.0 1202 POL Radio Zlote Przeboje, Gdansk/Komin EC Gdansk II (PM) 32CC  1208km **
104.3 1233 CZE Hitrádio Faktor, Ceské Budejovice/Klet II. (u rozhledny) (JC) 2550  1084km

Band 2 Tropospheric:
 92.7 0859  S  SR P1, Bäckefors (Mellerud)/Grönehög TM (vg) OM and YL interview, as web  969km
 94.2 0901 NOR NRK P1, Bjerkreim/Urdalsnipa (ro) OM news  703km
103.7 0904  G  BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal, Forfar (SC-ANG) Gaelic OM and Scottish music  430km
 92.7 0905  G  BBC Radio Scotland, Forfar (SC-ANG) BBC Radio Scotland weather  430km
 93.8 0906  G  BBC Radio Scotland, Durris (SC-ABS) ID and YL host  461km
 95.0 0916 NOR NRK Petre, Lyngdal/Kalåskniben (va) YL and pops, as web  696km
101.0 0923 NOR Radio Norge, Bjerkreim/Urdalsnipa (ro) Jingle ID and oldie  703km
104.9 0926 NOR P4 R Hele Norge, Greipstad/Eidsåvegen (va) Guitar song, as web. Brief, swamped by 
               BBC Radio Leicester World Service  734km
 91.6 0942  G  BBC Radio 3, Durris (SC-ABS) Classical, as 91.5, etc.  461km
 88.7 0945  G  BBC Radio 2, Meldrum (SC-ABS) As 88.8, etc.  501km
 97.3 1654 NOR NRK P2, Bokn/Grønnestadvegen (ro) F202 _NRK_P2_  745km
 96.0 1655 NOR NRK P1, Stord/Kattnakken (ho) YL and OM, as web  811km
 94.8 1657 NOR NRK P2, Bergen/Ulriken (ho) OMs, as web  860km
 92.6 1700 NOR NRK Petre, Stord/Kattnakken (ho) Jingle ID and news  811km
 90.2 1701 DNK DR P2, Holstebro - Mejrup/Kalsgårdvej 11 (mjy) Piano music, as web  644km
 97.6 1703 NOR NRK Petre, Gulen/Bråsviksåta (sf) Jingle ID after news  923km
100.1 1705 NOR Radio Norge, Greipstad/Eidsåvegen (va) Genesis Mama, as 101.0  734km
102.0 1706 NOR Radio Norge, Lyngdal/Kalåskniben (va) Genesis Mama, as 101.0  696km
102.5 1706 NOR Radio Norge, Bergen/Ulriken (ho) Genesis Mama, as 101.0  860km
102.7 1707 DNK Radio 24 syv, Aalborg-Frejlev/Svenstrupvej 25 (njy) OMs chat, as web  740km
102.8 1707 NOR P4 R Hele Norge, Bokn/Grønnestadvegen (ro) F214 P4_NORGE  745km
 88.0 1709 NOR NRK P1, Gulen/Bråsviksåta (sf) Pops, as web  923km
 99.6 1714 NOR NRK P2, Stord/Kattnakken (ho) African music, as web  811km
101.4 1715 NOR Radio Norge, Gulen/Bråsviksåta (sf) Pops, as 101.0  923km
 89.1 1743 NOR NRK P1, Bergen/Ulriken (ho) YL, as web  860km
 90.3 1744 NOR Radio Norge, Bokn/Grønnestadvegen (ro) Pops, as web  745km
 91.1 1745 NOR NRK Petre, Bokn/Grønnestadvegen (ro) F203 _NRK_P3_  745km
 91.8 1745 NOR NRK Petre, Bjerkreim/Urdalsnipa (ro) F203 _NRK_P3_  703km
 98.7 1746 NOR NRK P2, Bjerkreim/Urdalsnipa (ro) F202 _NRK_P2_  703km
101.8 1747 NOR Radio Norge, Stord/Kattnakken (ho) Pops, as 90.3  811km
 98.1 1805 DNK DR P4, Aalborg-Frejlev/Svenstrupvej 25 (njy) 9F02 DRP4_NR_  740km
 97.7 1806 DNK DR P4, Ølgod/Baunshøjvej 7/Baunshøj (sdk-sjy) Pops, as 98.1  608km
 99.0 1807 NOR NRK Petre, Bergen/Ulriken (ho) Pops and OM, as 91.8  860km
 99.2 1807 DNK DR P3, Thisted/Hanstholmvej 46 (njy) Danish YL and OM, as web  680km
103.4 1808 DNK Nova, Holstebro - Mejrup/Kalsgårdvej 11 (mjy) 9205 __NOVA__  644km
105.6 1810  D  delta radio, Flensburg Freienwill (shs) Pops, as web  626km
 88.3 1811 NOR NRK P2, Lyngdal/Kalåskniben (va) Danish OM, as 98.7  696km
 89.6 1811  D  NDR 1 Welle Nord, Flensburg-Engelsby (shs) Pops, as web  627km
 90.5 1812  D  NDR 1 Welle Nord, Heide/Welmbüttel (shs) Pops, as 89.6  599km
101.4 1812  D  R.SH, Flensburg Freienwill (shs) Nickelback song, as web  626km
 96.3 1815  D  NDR 2, Heide/Welmbüttel (shs) Lionel Richie song, as web  599km
 96.1 1816  D  NDR Kultur, Flensburg-Engelsby (shs) OM, as web  627km
 98.5 1820 DNK DR P4, Holstebro - Mejrup/Kalsgårdvej 11 (mjy) 9502 DRP4_M/V  644km
 93.3 1822 DNK DR P1/DR P2, Aalborg-Frejlev/Svenstrupvej 25 (njy) Classical, as web  740km
 93.5 1822 NOR NRK P1, Bokn/Grønnestadvegen (ro) Coldplay song, as 94.2  745km
 92.9 1823 DNK DR P3, Holstebro - Mejrup/Kalsgårdvej 11 (mjy) 9203  644km
 93.2 1823  D  NDR 2, Flensburg-Engelsby (shs) Pops, as web  627km
 91.7 1827 DNK DR P3, Århus/Søsterhøj/Ny Moesgårdsvej 61 (mjy) Pops, as web  715km
 97.0 1831 NOR NRK Petre, Greipstad/Eidsåvegen (va) YL and OM, as 91.8  734km
 87.7 1835  D  NDR Info, Flensburg-Engelsby (shs) OM and YL, as web  627km
 87.9 1835  D  NDR Info, Heide/Welmbüttel (shs) OM and YL, as 87.7  599km
102.4 1859  G  Yorkshire Coast Radio, Bridlington/Buckton Barn (EN-NYK) Appeared while 
               beaming at Norway. ID then ads  114km **
 99.4 1906  S  SR P3, Göteborg/Brudaremossen 100/Brudaremossen TM (vg) Pops, as web  894km
 92.7 1908  D  NDR Info, Morsum (Sylt) (shs) OMs talking, as web  565km
 88.7 1910 DNK DR P1/DR P2, Ølgod/Baunshøjvej 7/Baunshøj (sdk-sjy) English conversation, 
               as web  608km
107.1 1914 NOR Radio Lyngdal, Raumsland (va) Sombre sounding OM, then pops, as web  696km
100.4 1954  D  delta radio, Heide/Welmbüttel (shs) Pops, as 105.6  599km
102.4 1955  D  R.SH, Kiel/Fernsehturm (shs) Pops and jingle ID  656km
103.8 1958  D  R.SH, Heide/Welmbüttel (shs) News, as web  599km
 89.0 1959 DNK DR P2, Sønder Højrup/Sdr. Højrupvejen 21 (sdk-fyn) Piano music, as web  700km
 99.4 2001  D  NDR Kultur, Heide/Welmbüttel (shs) OM, as web  599km
100.2 2003  D  R.SH, Bungsberg/DTAG-Turm (shs) Pops, as web  694km
104.6 2007  D  Antenne Niedersachsen, Cuxhaven Otterndorf (nds) Jingle ID  571km
 98.7 2019  D  NDR 2, Morsum (Sylt) (shs) ID and pops  565km
104.2 2207  G  BBC Radio Nan Gaidheal, Meldrum (SC-ABS) C316 BBC_Gael  501km
106.8 2209  G  Original 106, Durris (SC-ABS) Soft rock song, as web  461km
 99.0 2210  G  BBC Radio 1, Durris (SC-ABS) As 98.3  461km
 95.3 2211  G  BBC Radio 4 FM, Meldrum (SC-ABS) C204 BBC_R4__  501km
 96.8 2218 DNK DR P4, Sønder Højrup/Sdr. Højrupvejen 21 (sdk-fyn) Natradio ID, pops  700km
105.7 2230 DNK Klubben, Aarup/Mørkmoselundsvej 10/Ormehøj (sdk-fyn) Pops with jingle ID 
               insert  677km
105.0 2235 DNK VLR, Haarby/Jordløse Møllevej 27A (sdk-fyn) Pops with jingle ID insert  679km
107.6 2243 DNK Radio Skive, Vinderup/Skovhusvej 10 (mjy) Pops, as web  656km
104.7 2258 DNK Radio Limfjord, Nordmors - Flade/Salgerhøjvej (njy) Rock song, as web  680km

** Personal Skegness 'First'

Once again, it's a big pat on the back to me for forgetting to swap the antenna cable over from the XDR to the S2. Another six hours of nothing was recorded on what was supposed to be the peak of the April Lyrids. I am going to award myself a gold star if I foul this up three days in a row.

Three hours of daytime recording produced a few catches to make up for this, but I'm not sure this shower really lived up to it's "Major" badge. Meteor activity immediately prior to this seemed lively-ish with the antenna horizontal, so I thought I would risk flipping to vertical to see if I could bag something unusual. There were some long bursts and activity was definitely on the up, but it was all quite disappointing on the whole.

The tropo made up for my meteoric shortcomings with some good signals from Norway and Denmark.

Good DX!

John Faulkner
Skegness, Lincolnshire (JO03dd) <3m ASL.
YouTube Channel:
Vimeo Channel:

Elad FDM-S2 (Meteor Scatter)
Sony XDR-F1HD with Konrad i2c mod. (Tropo/Scatter)

Körner 9.2 @ 5.5 metres agl. QTH is 3 metres asl.
Triax FM3, one metre above the ground as a phasing antenna.
Fringe Electronics 20dB & Labgear 30dB band 2 pre-amps.
HS Publications Antenna Phaser.

Elad FDM-SW2, SDR Console File Analyser & RDS Spy via VAC.
XDR-GTK v0.3.1 for the Sony XDR-F1HD

Yaesu G-5500 azimuth & elevation rotator, allowing antenna to be vertical, horizontal, etc.

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