Monday 8 November 2021

If I don't have enough time to check my recorded files, I definitely don't have enough time to keep this blog updated. 

This blog was initially created to keep a record of my DX loggings, having lost so many over the years due to hard drive failures )and not enough backing up). My latest DX loggings can be found via the FM List and AM List websites. I have done a better job of keeping my all-time logs up-to-date on my website here: but even these are slightly out of date. 

I still have last summer's sporadic E files to check through, all 375 of them! When will I get time to go through those? Good question. Er ... probably not before the next sporadic E season, by which time ... 

Work and other things in life have taken precedence. Ah! I've got my priorities right at last. ;O) 

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